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About Me and Explosives Consulting LLC

I have worked my entire career in the energetics business for some of the world's leading explosives manufacturers in both the commercial and defense fields.

My goal is to solve problems for you and to help your business make or save money. This might be in the form of technical support, business development, market analysis, proposal writing, process hazard analyses, regulatory compliance, forensic work, intellectual property management or evaluating acquisition targets,.

The process for retaining me is as follows:

  • Send me an email to set up a telephone call. I will reply the same day.
  • During the phone call we can discuss your problem and make sure that I can help you, and that no conflict exists with my employer or current or former clients.
  • If you and I are both interested after the phone call, we can establish an NDA.
  • After executing the NDA, I submit a written proposal with scope of work and terms and conditions. I can bill an hourly rate or we can negotiate a firm fixed price. (I will not take a job if I cannot make or save you money).
  • We establish a contract based on the proposal.
  • I create the deliverables according to the agreed schedule.

I look forward to working with your team. Please contact me by email or telephone today to enquire about how I might help you!

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