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About Explosives Consulting and Engineering LLC

Our goal is to solve problems for you and to help your business make or save money. The process for retaining us is as follows:

  • Contact us by phone or email to discuss your problem.
  • We can establish an NDA between your company and ours.
  • Send us a Statement of Work describing the desired tasks. This can be detailed or a brief email.
  • We then develop a written proposal describing the deliverables, schedule and price. We can bill an hourly rate but we generally prefer to negotiate a task-based firm fixed price contract.
  • Once agreed, you issue a purchase order referring to the the proposal.
  • We execute according to the agreed milestone schedule.

I look forward to working with your team. Please contact John Childs by email or telephone today to enquire about how I might help you!

You can find out more about me from my Resume or from my Linked In profile.


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