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Are you in need of explosives manufacturing and/or storage facilities? Getting an operation up and running can be a daunting prospect. I can help with plant design and also help with ATF licensing and other permitting and regulatory compliance tasks.

Phase 1 - Conceptual Design

  • Plant capacity definition.
  • Equipment specification
  • Required number of modular cells or stations
  • Equipment layout
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Separation, barricading, shielding and protection
  • Inside hazardous raw material and finished goods storage
  • Floor plan
  • Area electrical classifications
  • Grounding and bonding specifications
  • General building requirements
  • Fire protection provisions
  • Lightning protection
  • Emergency egress and refuge point specification
  • Site plan
  • Explosives storage and QD

Phase 2 - Document Package for DCMA, Zoning Board/Fire Marshal Approvals

  • Waste management assessment:
    • Inventory of point discharges for air, water and hazardous waste.
    • List of necessary permits.
  • Preliminary document review with DCMA, building inspector and fire marshal
  • Architectural drawing package
  • Final equipment layouts
  • Drawing package review by safety representative, building inspector and fire marshal

Phase 3 - Pre Startup Tasks

  • Operating Documents:
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Construction Standards
    • Packaging Standards/Approvals
    • Quality Plan
  • Air, water and hazardous waste permitting and compliance
  • Explosives Safety Management Program
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Operator Training
  • Process Hazard Review

[30m RGB color composite. Click to enlarge.]

1983 PETN plant commissioning in Graham, KY, with the EBCo and Biazzi teams. Plinke NAC-SAC unit is in the background.

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